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We offer a limited ten year warranty

Yes! Our Sunrooms, Solariums, Patio Covers and Screen Rooms can be joined to an existing deck or patio or built up with a pony wall. Our products attach to your house without expensive modifications. If your deck floor has spaces between the floor boards (example: a typical Canadian outdoor deck made with 2 x 6’s) you’ll need to put a solid layer over top.

Although leaking has been a major concern for sunroom construction for years Sunview has developed a unique one piece glazing system to eliminate most of the joints in the structure thus reducing the possibility of leaks.

Most leaks are caused by faulty installation and our Sunview system makes it easier for contractors to eliminate the leak sources before they happen.

Depends where you live and what the weather is outside. Generally speaking people use their Sunview Solarium in all seasons. We don’t recommend trying to heat your Solarium when it is -30C outside strictly because of the cost. We have a lot of people that have Christmas parties in their Sunview Solarium.

Many people build a Solarium, Sunroom or Conservatory over an outdoor hot tub that they use year round.

Rain will generally clean the exterior. Hose it down once a year if you experience especially dry conditions.

Mild dish soap, and water will clean the interior very well.

Commercial cleaners specially designed for acrylic are available through us.

Do Not Use window cleaning sprays, scouring compounds, acetone, gasoline, benzene, carbon tetrachloride or lacquer thinner.

Without proper air ventilation your Sunroom or Solarium will heat up with the sunlight. To alleviate the problem we install a ventilation system or combination of systems which may or may not include air vents, screens and/or fans* on the opposing walls (Gables), exhaust fans, sliding patio doors and/or regular sized doors.

*Our Fan-Tastic Vent ventilation fans carry a two year limited manufacturers warranty. Controllers allow for manual or automatic control.

Our Solariums may also be fitted with blinds or covers on the inside and/or outside if you so please.

Acrylic is a transparent (synthetic) material that we use instead of glass.

Acrylic is a type of plastic that derives its name from the chemical compound of which it is composed. It is made of clear, thermoplastic resins that are found in acrylic acid and natural sources like petroleum. Like all thermoplastics, acrylic becomes pliable when heated and rigid when cooled.

Acrylic features:

- Attractive: The outdoor feeling of Acrylic creates a handsome decorative focus for your home.

- Affordable: Not only do you pay less for Acrylic than for safety tempered glass, but ease of handling makes installation less expensive.

- Comfort: Solar tints reduce extreme heat build up.

- Design Flexibility: Wider panels mean less framing members. Longer panels mean wider rooms. Custom shapes are handled easily.

- Efficient: Acrylic panels have good insulating properties (up to 50% better than single pane glass), so you can save on the cost of heating.

- Privacy: Tinted glazing for maximum privacy.

- Strong: Acrylic panels can stand up to the snow and wind of harsh winters. It’s shatter-resistant so it’s safer too.

- Surface Hardness: Generally speaking, the surface hardness of Acrylic is almost the same as that of Aluminum. It is harder than some other plastic sheets but a bit softer than glass. Acrylic may be scratched due to abrasion.

- Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity of Acrylic is as small as that of phenolics and only 1/6th of that of glass.

- Warranty: Our limited ten year warranty proves our pride in our product.

- Water-Clear: Colorless Acrylic is as clear as rock crystal. Its light transmittance rate of 92% means that Acrylic is the most clear material available on the market.

- Weather Resistance: Acrylic has an extremely excellent resistance to sunlight, weather and both high and low temperatures.

Because Acrylic is lighter and stronger than glass. Acrylic is also clearer than glass and provides excellent UV protection.

Acrylic is also less expensive & easier to work with than glass so we can offer you a much better price.

Acrylic is much safer than glass especially in locations prone to tornados and hurricanes.

Impact Resistant

Unaffected by sun or salt spray

Temperature range of -40° F to 160° F for continuous service

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